Why Solar Pool Heating?
A Comparison of Various Energy Sources

By refusing to use non-renewable and polluting energy sources, you are also making a wise financial decision. Thanks to the energy of the sun simple, reliable and free your investment will pay for itself in less than 2 years.

Each of the technologies available, has its own particular characteristics. Here are some key points to consider when making your choice:

  • Propane and natural gas pool heaters cost less to buy, and they are powerful heating systems. Propane is, however, the most expensive system to run, costing $1000 or more per season to maintain a steady water temperature, making it therefore advisable to plan on less frequent usage. Natural gas is only possible if your house is connected to an existing natural gas network.
  • The heat pump, designed to maintain a constant water temperature throughout the summer, costs $300 or more each year to run. It can be noisy and the apparatus will need to be replaced or reconditioned after 5 or 6 years.
  • The Techno-Solis solar pool heating system, which runs on a free energy source, results in water temperatures of 27C (80F) early in the season and 30C (87F) in mid summer.

The following table compares the various costs (before taxes) of the different heating systems for the two most popular pool models.

Estimated costs of equipment, installation and energy supply for an above ground 24ft. (7.5m) diameter pool or an in-ground pool 15 x 30ft (4.6 x 9.2m)


Solar (1)

Propane (2)

Natural (3)

Heat Pump (4)











Energy per Year





1st Year Total





Total 10 Years*





 Length of the guarantee of the Techno-Solis solar panels.

1. 6 solar panels (4'x10') facing due south, using manual valve control. For an automatic control, add approximately $500.00.

2. 205000 BTU/hr system occasional use, with two refills of a 370L propane tank at $0.75/L. Tank rental is $85.00 per year.

3. 205000 BTU/hr system at 80% efficiency pool maintained at 27C from mid June to mid September, at $0.60/m (before taxes)

4. 100000 BTU/hr system pool maintained at 27C from mid June to mid September, at $0.059/kwh (before taxes). Does not include cost of reconditioning the heat pump after 5 or 6 years. If the house' main electrical panel is not strong enough, add approximately $1000 more.

Note: Costs may vary according to weather conditions and the use of a pool cover.