Maximize the efficiency of your Techno-Solis Solar Pool Heating System

Pool Cover

Over 50% of the heat lost from a pool is due to water evaporation at the surface.

This is why it is important to a use a pool cover, which will provide you with hours of additional swimming, and extend your summer as well.

Solar Control

The automatic valve function will allow you to maximize the benefits of your Techno-Solis Solar Pool Heating System. If you choose the manual valve option, it is recommended that you install a “day/night” timer switch on your pump, to avoid overcooling the pool at night, or missing all the energy of a sunny day just because you forgot to flip a switch.

The automatic valve control ca start your system even on a seemingly cloudy day, as there is still energy that can be captured from the diffused rays. Even at night it may turn on, if the ambient air temperature is higher than that of the water in your pool.

Maintaining your system

With a Techno-Solis Solar Pool Heating System, there is no maintenance required. A properly installed solar pool heater on a sloped roof will drain itself when the time comes to empty the filter at the end of the season. It can than withstand harsh winter conditions without a problem.





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