Panel Construction

Building a Great Panel

At Techno-Solis we pride ourselves on quality. Here's a glimpse at how we ensure that our solar heaters are the most efficient and reliable solar panels on the market today:

Step 1: Materials
We use a combination of the very highest quality Polypropylene, Carbon Black and non-depleting UV Stabilizers to guarantee an efficient and durable panel.

Step 2: Extrusion
Extrusion is the process of converting the material into a panel form. Techno-Solis is one of the few (if not the only) manufacturers that does all of its extrusion in-house. Our “in-house” extruding gives us the assurance that each of our panels meets the highest standards of quality. Also, by using the same material throughout the panel (even the weld), we eliminate weak points or uneven expansion and contraction in the finished product.

Step 3: Assembly
Once the extrusion is complete, Techno-Solis uses highly skilled technicians and the latest technologies to assemble each solar panel. Techno-Solis is the only manufacturer that goes the extra mile by adding a reinforced bead weld to provide additional strength and protection.

Step 4: Testing
Before leaving our factory, EVERY Techno-Solis panel passes a weld, seam, flow and pressure test at 95psi of water. This guarantees a perfect product.

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